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Master of Arts (Theology) MA(Theol)


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James J. C. Cox


Problem: The historical background of the Fourth Gospel.

Method: Christology was both a major issue leading to a schism in the Johannine community at the time of the Epistles and a major concern of the Gospel. If the Christology of the Gospel reflects this controversy, then this controversy would form part of its historical context.

Procedure: The Johannine Epistles and Gospel are investigated independently to prevent bias.

Results: The secessionists confronted by the Epistles espouse a form of docetic Christology, while the Christology of the Gospel is formulated apparently unaware of any problem with doceticism.

Conclusions: While the emphasis in the Gospel on unity and love could easily be interpreted against a background of community schism, the different protagonists portrayed in the Gospel, and that its Christology seems to be unaware of a docetic problem, make it unlikely that the historical backgrounds are identical.


Dissertation: Thesis (M.A.)

Andrews University, School of Graduate Studies, Avondale Campus, 1984.

Published with permission from Andrews University.

Staff and Students of Avondale may access this thesis from Avondale library (226.5067 M18).

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McIver, R. K. (1984). Christology as a clue to the concerns of the Johannine community (Master's thesis). Andrews University, Avondale Campus, Australia: Andrews University.

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