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Andrews University (Avondale)

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Master of Arts (Theology) MA(Theol)


Arts & Theology


Ministry and Theology

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Bernard H. Brinsmead


Any attempt to grasp a biblical theology of the laity (laos) and the Church (ekklesia) would have to deal with a vast amount of literature in the Old and New Testament. However, it is not the intent of this thesis to analyse and evaluate all the biblical data, and the secondary literature is certainly to extensive to be dealt with in this thesis. This thesis sees the calling forth of the laos and ekklesia as an act of God's grace and freedom in Jesus Christ. The topic this thesis addresses is large, deep and complex and the writer is aware of the constant demands of Scripture upon an adequate understanding of the reality and nature of the laos and ekklesia. Hence the present paper makes no pretense of theological finality.


Dissertation: Thesis (M.A.)

Andrews University, School of Graduate Studies, Avondale Campus, 1981.

Published with permission from Andrews University.

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