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University of Sydney

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Master of Education MEd

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Dr. M King


Today's women are demanding a social model of health care for their childbirth experiences. It is important that their views should be incorporated into an educational program that educates the health professional in the needs and wants of the consumer.

This is the cultural ethos that curriculum developers must be aware of because of the implications for curriculum content and the future education of midwives. Awareness of social issues is a requisite for today's midwives in their advocacy role, and in promoting greater involvement of women over decisions about their health.

This research seeks to identify the needs and wants of the childbearing woman and her partner to inform curriculum developers. It will have a focus on the clients at Sydney Adventist Hospital where the researcher is employed as an Educator in the clinical environment.


Master of Education (MEd) Thesis. University of Sydney.

Copyright © 1993 Anne McKay

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