Ron Plane

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University of Sydney

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Master of Nursing MNurs


Faculty of Nursing and Health

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Dr Lydia Bennett


In 1980 the Avondale College associated with the Sydney Adventist Hospital introduced its first tertiary level nursing course leading to the Diploma of Applied Science (Nursing). The course was uniquely different to any other tertiary nursing course being offered in Australia, having a semester of theory, alternating with a semester of 'hands on' clinical experience during which the students were given 'learning packages' to complete.

In 1986, the implementers of the curriculum were desirous of some information with which to evaluate the effectiveness of this new innovative program. Information gained through a research study would be examined to determine how successful the course was in relation to the academic/educational domain and the area of skill as a practitioner. To gain this information, a study was conducted (Behrens 1986) which was evaluated in a quantitative and qualitative manner. From the results of this (Behrens 1986) study of the responses from the graduates of the Diploma of Applied Science (Nursing), the faculty of Avondale College, developed a revised curriculum with the title of Diploma of Health Science (Nursing). The first of these four Diploma classes graduated in 1991 and the last class graduated in July 1993. In mid 1990 an undergraduate curriculum was introduced leading to the Bachelor of Nursing degree. Since the first group graduated with this degree in November 1993 there have been four further classes graduate to November 1995. This study has been conducted with two goals in mind; the main goal is to look at employment patterns, graduates perceptions of the effectiveness of the course undertaken, satisfaction levels of the graduates and to determine changes and aspirations relating to career pathways. The other goal is to compare the responses of the graduates of the earlier diploma (Behrens 1986), with the responses of graduates from the later diploma and the degree program. Hopefully, from the responses obtained the college may be assisted in making changes to the current program as well as in the development of future curricula.


Master of Nursing (MNurs) Thesis. University of Sydney

Staff and Students of Avondale College may access a print copy of this thesis from Avondale College Library (610.730711 PLA).

At the time of writing Ron Plane was affiliated with Avondale College.

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