Stress in the Changing Role of Nursing Faculty: Can it be Managed? An Action Research Study


Nina Tudor

Awarding Institution

University of Western Sydney

Date of Award


Embargo Period


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Health Science (Primary Health Care)

First Advisor

Mike Clear


This study aimed at reducing occupational stress in the lecturers of a tertiary institution by strengthening social support through participation, thus mediating the negative effects of stress on health.

A number of stress producing factors were identified. The problem of continuous student interruption and the issue of communication with management were chosen for the study.

The study was implemented within an action research framework. The interrelationship with Primary Health Care has been noted.

Implementation of an appointment book designed to incorporate individual lecturer time preferences, has succeeded in eliminating the continuous interruption by students and has in turn resulted in stress reduction in lecturers. Concurrently, students' stress has been reduced by better management of their time.

There has been considerable improvement in communication between management and lecturers, management setting aside one staff meeting per month for 'open communication'.


Master of Health Science (MHSci) Thesis. University of Western Sydney

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