TEACH Journal of Christian Education is hosted by the School of Education at Avondale College of Higher Education and is published by Avondale Academic Press. It is part of The Ministry of Teaching, a collaborative initiative of Adventist Schools Australia and shared stakeholders. Publication began in 2007 to fulfil shared purposes including affirming and informing established educators, attracting and supporting young adults in choosing and committing to a teaching career and empowering Christian education communities.

Journal content demonstrates exemplary practice, reports current research, reviews philosophical and theoretical positions and recounts the potential for satisfaction and fulfilment in the change agent role of effective teaching.

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Current Issue: Volume 9, Issue 1 (2015)

Teaching & Professional Practice


Transforming Classroom Practice
Nigel Lynn and Beverly J. Christian

Educational Administration


School Chaplaincy is Effective but could it be better?
Mike Parker, Barry Gane, and Carola Parker

Research & Scholarship

Reflections, Impressions & Experiences

Book Review