Adolescent Faith That Lasts

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There are a number of major contributing factors that predict if adolescent faith will morph into young adult faith and an active contribution to the life of the church. The latest Valuegenesis study in the South Pacific Region has given us insight into what the major contributors are: these include meaningful relationships with adults within their church, and an atmosphere/climate in their church which encourages openness, questioning, and thinking for oneself. Families where the faith of parents is openly shared and a style of parenting which encourages decision making by the child also see positive results. Involvement in the life of the church and especially youth ministry which encourages short term mission contribute to an intrinsic orientation to religion which is an indicator of adolescent faith continuing into young adult years.

spirituality, worship, faith

Gane, B. (2014). Adolescent faith that lasts. The Journal of Youth Ministry, 13(1), 42-61.

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