Volume 12 Issue 1


Recent Submissions

  • Publication
    What Really Works in Special and Inclusive Education: Using Evidence-Based Teaching Strategies
    (Avondale Academic Press, 2018-08-01) Shields, Marion
  • Publication
    Teaching beyond Post-modernism in a Digitalised Society
    (Avondale Academic Press, 2018-08-01) Lewis, John

    The rapid and exponential growth of the internet over the past 40 years has changed the nature of society. Indeed, at the end of the first two decades of the twenty-first century, the internet is our defining medium. This has implications for student learning and, consequently, teacher pedagogy.

  • Publication
    (Avondale Academic Press, 2018-08-01) Entermann, Erin
  • Publication
    Successful, yet Aspiring to Improve Student Outcomes?
    (Avondale Academic Press, 2018-08-01) Taylor, Daniel
  • Publication
    NASA Sent Me to Space Camp: Alumnus Wins National Award for Mission to Make Science Fun
    (Avondale Academic Press, 2018-08-01) Stacey, Brenton
  • Publication
    Valuing Early Career Teachers: Putting the Brakes on the Exodus
    (Avondale Academic Press, 2018-08-01) Kilgour, Peter W.; Shields, Marion

    The attrition of early career teachers has been

    identified as an international issue. This paper

    reports on an Australian study that sought to

    identify the lived experiences of beginning

    teachers in one independent school system

    in their first three years. Areas such as the

    teacher’s job satisfaction and impacting factors

    were addressed. Data revealed that the main

    drivers for teachers terminating their teaching

    career in the first few years are connected to

    work/life balance, the level of support from

    administration, the teacher’s mentor, and the

    level and appropriateness of the professional

    development they are permitted to attend.

  • Publication
    School Leadership Aspiration: Differences in Perception of Drivers and Barriers across Hierarchical Levels
    (Avondale Academic Press, 2018-08-01) Morey, Peter; Williams, Peter

    This article discusses the leadership crisis

    looming in schools. With fewer people aspiring

    to take on school leadership, school education

    systems must consider the drivers and barriers

    of school leadership aspiration. This article

    describes the perceptions of respondents

    from three hierarchical levels within a faithbased

    education system as to the factors

    influencing their willingness or unwillingness

    to consider school leadership positions. This

    research explored survey data, both quantitative

    and qualitative, relating to school leadership

    aspirations and influences with regard to

    applying for school leadership positions.

    Five factors were found to influence the

    unwillingness of respondents to consider school

    leadership positions, while seven factors were

    identified to influence willingness to consider

    school leadership positions. Additionally,

    four influence factors were identified which, if

    significantly improved, would act to increase

    respondent aspiration and thus influence their

    willingness to consider school leadership

    positions in the future.

  • Publication
    Leading Collaborative Learning: Empowering Excellence
    (Avondale Academic Press, 2018-08-01) Christian, Beverly

    This dual authored book brings together the expertise and experience of educators Sharratt and Planche. Their work contains both theory and practical suggestions for school leaders who wish to maximise learning through creating a collaborative learning culture in their school. The authors recognise that plans and good intentions may not always lead to action and propose a logical and achievable pathway towards purposeful practice.

  • Publication
    A Shout Out about Teaching for Artistic Behaviour [TAB]
    (Avondale Academic Press, 2018-08-01) Clark, Valerie

    I never, ever, thought I’d be that teacher—the

    one you hear screaming at the kids in their class

    from half a mile away—until I became one.

    I’m not a shouter. At least I wasn’t a shouter

    until, after over 20 years teaching in high

    schools, I began working as a specialist art

    teacher in a primary school.

    How did I move from good behavioural

    management strategies and a working pedagogy

    in the high school art room to bored, noncompliant

    behaviour in the primary school? How

    did I find my way back from hating art classes as

    much as the kids did to an environment where

    we all are engaged, look forward to and love

    what we do?

  • Publication
    Vogel Brothers: Big Hearts for Little People
    (Avondale Academic Press, 2018-08-01) Entermann, Leanne
  • Publication
    Independent Studies Endorse Superior Strategies for Teaching Reading and Spelling: Hilliard's Journey
    (Avondale Academic Press, 2018-08-01) Rabe, Damien; Baker, Kristy; Robertson, Angela; Phillips, Terese; Charles, Anne

    Of the many educational outcomes to be achieved in the primary years of schooling, research demonstrates that learning to read is the most significant. The precise way in which the complex processes combine must be understood and demonstrated by teachers in order to identify their students’ needs and to teach most effectively. The activities initiated at Hilliard Christian School to enhance achievement of this goal are shared here to support others with the same aim.

  • Publication
    Transforming Classroom Practice
    (Avondale Academic Press, 2018-08-01) Christian, Beverly; Cooper, Deb

    How can a school create a learning space that provides a retreat from the regular classroom and provides an environment where children can connect with learning and with God?

  • Publication
    Traumatic Brain Injury: Informed Accommodation in the Classroom
    (Avondale Academic Press, 2018-08-01) Shields, Marion; Campbell, Stuart; Martin, Trent J.

    This paper discusses traumatic brain injury (TBI) and the symptoms that affect a student emotionally, cognitively and socially after experiencing a TBI. Traumatic brain injuries can have a profoundly negative impact on a child’s ability to learn at school and interact with peers in social situations. Recent research shows how TBI affects brain function and the impacts that this can have on education. However, research also suggests effective strategies that teachers can use in their classroom when teaching a student who has experienced a TBI.

  • Publication
    (Avondale Academic Press, 2018-08-01) Perry, Graeme
  • Publication
    Promoting Visible Learning through Using Graphic Organisers
    (Avondale Academic Press, 2018-08-01) Hanley, Sarah

    “Your life as a teacher begins the day you realise

    that you are always a learner”

    Robert John Meeham

    This quote has provoked much thought throughout

    my eight years in the teaching profession. It has

    stimulated my curiosity to try new initiatives in the

    classroom and has challenged the way I view my

    role as an educator. As a teacher at Gilson College,

    I have been given the opportunity to participate

    and reflect upon my teaching practices through

    annual Action Research projects.

  • Publication
    College Students’ Perception of Family Influence Impacting their Health and Lifestyle
    (Avondale Academic Press, 2018-08-01) Gillum, Deborah R.; Perry, Graeme; Abraham, Samuel P.; Tyson, Amy; Soptich, Kayla M.; Nicholas, Kayla J.

    Christian family life affects the entire family, including students once they leave home. The purpose of this study was to determine college students’ perception of the influence of family on health. This was a cross-sectional, non-experimental study with a descriptive design. The study included 120 college students in a faith-based institution. Each student completed a Likert-type survey that pertained to their perception of health, and the degree of influence peers and family have on their health. The data analysis showed that college students perceive family influence on stress, spiritual health, and peer association to be influenced by the family. The social learning theory was used to guide the process of this study.