Volume 11 Issue 1


Recent Submissions

  • Publication
    STEM Down the Track: Two Christian Schools' Further Experiences
    (Avondale Academic Press, 2017-07-01) Merriman, Jennifer; Kilgour, Tieren; Fitzsimmons, Phil; Kilgour, Peter W.

    Students’ perceptions of what STEM is and

    how it has been implemented in their schools

    is reported in this paper. Students were asked

    in focus groups about what STEM is and how

    they had seen the progress their two respective

    schools had made in its implementation. The

    data showed that students were very familiar

    with what STEM is and how it was developing

    in their schools. While younger students

    enjoyed the fun and the challenge, secondary

    students could see the potential for the STEM

    they are doing at school to help in their future

    employment. Another interesting factor revealed

    in the study was the alignment of student

    answers with each of the cognitive levels of

    Blooms Taxonomy of Educational Objectives.

  • Publication
    Best Practice in International Service Learning (ISL): Aspects of Risk and Impact
    (Avondale Academic Press, 2017-07-01) Reierson, Frida; Watson, Brad

    This article outlines the difference

    between international service learning and short

    term mission trips. It then proposes six features

    of effective international service learning that

    are likely to minimise risk while resulting in

    demonstrable impact.

  • Publication
    Bullying: Personal Thoughts?
    (Avondale Academic Press, 2017-07-01) Walsh, Stan
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  • Publication
    Coherence - The Right Drivers in Action for Schools, Districts and Systems
    (Avondale Academic Press, 2017-07-01) Kilgour, Peter W.
  • Publication
    It's Short-Sighted
    (Avondale Academic Press, 2017-07-01) Perry, Graeme
  • Publication
    A Nexus of Eyes: The Praxis of Chaplaincy in One Faith Based Educational System Through Emerging Emic Perspectives
    (Avondale Academic Press, 2017-07-01) Gane, Barry; Fitzsimmons, Phil; Parker, Michael J.

    Internationally chaplaincy as a whole,

    and school based chaplaincy in particular, is

    morphing into new forms within emerging national

    uncertainties, and cultural diversity. Drawing on

    their work in Ireland, King and Norman (2009)

    believe that the role of school chaplains everywhere

    needs to be carefully realigned and rethought.

    This paper seeks in part to address this

    situation, unpacking the initial ‘emic-journey’ of

    a three year multi-case study research agenda

    that seeks to holistically investigate how key

    stakeholders in three faith based schools

    understand the role and practice of school

    chaplains. In this instance, the stakeholders

    included administrators, chaplains and students.

    The multi-case study approach and the stratified

    sets of respondents were deemed to be the best

    ‘goodness of fit’ as Parekh’s (2000) axiom clearly

    states an understanding that one group’s place

    within an organisation needs to be considered not

    in isolation, but as intersecting forces that act as a

    “locus of identity.”

  • Publication
    Level One Autism / High-Functioning Autism: Implications for Schools, Principals and Teachers
    (Avondale Academic Press, 2017-07-01) Shields, Marion

    A Contextualisation

    Recently a Master of Teaching student shared with

    me his practicum experience at a local primary

    school. “If only I had done your assignment first” he

    said, for a new student with high functioning autism

    had been enrolled in the class but his supervising

    teacher was at a loss to manage the perplexing

    behaviour in the classroom.

    Then a Master of Education student shared

    the experience of a little boy with high functioning

    autism who was frequently punished at his school

    for his ‘different’ behaviour.

    Can these scenarios be improved? I believe

    they can. So this paper has been written to increase

    understanding and to provide some practical and

    easily implemented suggestions.

  • Publication
    NAPLAN Gains and Explicit Instruction
    (Avondale Academic Press, 2017-07-01) Gibbons, Jenny
  • Publication
    St Andrew's Cathedral School's Teaching Christianly Framework
    (Avondale Academic Press, 2017-07-01) Swibel, Brad

    This article seeks to outline the challenges faced

    in developing and implementing the Teaching

    Christianly Framework to an established, elite

    Sydney independent school. The success of its

    implementation has relied on strong strategic

    alignment to the school’s mission and vision as

    well as building capacity with mid-career staff

    to work with Heads of Department who tend

    to be gatekeepers of change. Evidence based

    research and academic partnerships have

    allowed the project to be sustained and gain

    momentum throughout the process.

  • Publication
    Transforming Classroom Practice
    (Avondale Academic Press, 2017-07-01) Christian, Beverly; Cutajar, Michelle

    Hearts are all aflutter in the Kindy/One

    classroom. How does learning about

    butterflies offer opportunities for learning

    about God?

  • Publication
    The Parable of the Master Teacher: Redemptive Discipline and Biblical Metanarrative
    (Avondale Academic Press, 2017-07-01) Christian, Beverly

    This is a story about a teacher.

  • Publication
    Nature-Based Learning in Christian Schools: Essential Element or Optional Extra?
    (Avondale Academic Press, 2017-07-01) Christian, Beverly

    When children commence school, they face thirteen or more years of formal education, most of it within four walls. Outside of school, many children are growing up in a world that offers decreasing opportunities to connect with nature. Advances in technology, changing social structures and urbanisation are factors that limit the time children spend in the natural world. In the face of these changes, the voice of educators advocating for a return to naturebased learning is growing. These champions of nature-based learning cite physical, cognitive, social-emotional, spiritual, and sustainability benefits as their rationale. This article explores the relationship between nature-based learning and the aims of Christian education, with specific reference to student wellbeing, spirituality and stewardship.

  • Publication
    (Avondale Academic Press, 2017-07-01) Perry, Graeme
  • Publication
    Learning Thresholds: A Journey in Online Learning and Teaching
    (Avondale Academic Press, 2017-07-01) Northcote, Maria T.; Long, Warrick R.; Williams, Peter; Wilson, David P.

    Three tertiary business educators transitioned their teaching from a just face-to-face mode of content delivery into online/blended content delivery formats. It was found there were three dominant domains of learning thresholds for these educators, which involved the course, student engagement and the teacher. The course domain considered alternative approaches to teaching and course design. The student domain focussed on student engagement and feedback. The teacher domain addressed teacher identity and interactions. Challenges faced by the educators included adopting a new paradigm of teaching, benchmarking efforts, and adequate resourcing. The positive transformative experience involved the educators gaining increased self-assurance in becoming effective online educators.