Every serving teacher and ‘teacher to be’

will be moulded decidedly by The National

Professional Standards for Teachers1 (NPST).

Officially released on 9th February 2011, after

piloting, they become the benchmark for

what constitutes teacher quality in Australia.

The question is: Are these norms—plus a

‘coating of religiosity’—all that there is to

being a quality Christian teacher? Or is there


This article explores and proposes a new

integrating ‘teaching domain’: Teaching Ministry,

and three attendant ‘teaching standards’ together

with specific descriptors for various focus areas.

Engage in a teaching • ministry informed by a

Christian worldview;

• Cultivate and nurture spiritual growth and


• Commit, belong and contribute to a servanthood

community of faith.

These proposed categories are intended for

practitioners in Christian faith-based schools and

form an integral part of outlining an authentic

integrating teaching ministry. The categories are

distinctly different—some might say countercultural,

in today’s secular educational climate—

but follow on from, and are a ‘coda’ to the

existing three domains and seven standards that

comprise the mandated NPST.

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